Virtual Meetings ~ Hit the Ground Running Right From Your Lazy Boy

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  • February 1, 2020

As much as everyone loves to sit around a conference table staring at a box of donuts that have been cut in half while dazing through another powerpoint presentation, the time has come for virtual workers and therefore virtual meetings. Lucky for us, there are very cool (and free) resources to make this possible. Does this sound like something that’s in your wheelhouse? Ready to hit the ground running? Keep your finger on the pulse of virtual meeting awesomeness with these tools.


Slack is a chat client that allows you to send messages directly or create groups by project. This is a great way to encourage passive communication and allow your employees to focus while still remaining available. Slack users boast a 49% reduction in email messages  causing more productivity. Plus, you can send funny gifs, which is why we love it so much.

Google Drive

Yaaaaas. Google is an incredible way to share files, spreadsheets, presentations, images, audio files and more. Plus, your team can all be working on a document at the same time, so you can see in real-time who can't spell.


Ah, Skype, making long distance relationships possible worldwide. It’s also great for virtual meetings! The video option even allows you to put a face to the name without that face having to put on pants (which is why we all love working remotely, right?)  

You can make calls. Conference calls. For free. Pretty self-explanatory. Side note: it’s free for up to 25 callers.


With screen sharing abilities, virtual whiteboards, and the ability to record meetings Webex is a fantastic tool for getting the most out of a meeting with remote participants. Awesome? Yes. Free? No. {Pulls out business credit card}

We hope some of these tools help you create something the whole world will love. Until then, keep meeting and collaborating. And, eat the whole donut people - you're not fooling anybody.